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Current Titles in Print and Coming in 2005 (Partical List)

General Non-fiction Jarhead, Anthony Swofford (Scribner)
The Mission, Dana Priest (Norton)
Terrorist Hunter, Anonymous (Harper Collins)
Deep Survival: Who Lives, Who Dies, and Why, Laurence Gonzales (Norton)
Bringing Down the House, Ben Mezrich (Free Press)
The Oath, Khassan Baiev (Walker)
The Art of the Steal, Frank Abagnale (Doubleday)
For the Sins of My Father: The Legacy of a Mafia Life, Albert DeMeo (Doubleday)
Ugly Americans, Ben Mezrich (Morrow)
The Big Year, Mark Obmascik (Free Press)
War Hospital, Sheri Fink (PublicAffairs)
Kimchi Matters, Marvin Zonis (Agate) [coming in 2005]*
History Wild Blue, Stephen Ambrose (Simon & Schuster)
Supreme Command, Eliot A. Cohen (Free Press)
The Change-Makers: From Carnegie to Gates, Maury Klein (Times Books)
Batavia's Graveyard, Mike Dash (Crown)
Science Next: The Future Just Happened, Michael Lewis (Norton)
Our Molecular Future: How Nanotechnology, Robotics, Genetics and Artificial Intelligence Will Transform Our World, Douglas Mulhall (Prometheus)
Mozart's Brain and the Fighter Pilot, Richard Restak, M.D. (Crown)
Growing Up With Lucy, Steve Grand (Orion) [coming in 2005]*
Business Selling 101, Zig Ziglar (Nelson Books)
Driven: Inside BMW, David Kiley (Wiley)
Brain Sell: Harnessing the Selling Power of Your Whole Brain, Tony Buzan & Richard Israel (Gower)
Psychology/Self-help What Should I Do With My Life?, Po Bronson (Random House)
Authentic Happiness, Martin Seligman (Free Press)
Hatred: The Psychological Descent into Violence, Willard Gaylin (Public Affairs)
Creating True Peace, Thich Nhat Hanh (Free Press) [coming in 2005]*
Health How to Change Your Entire Life by Doing Absolutely Nothing: 10 Do-nothing Relaxation Exercises..., Karen Salmansohn (Simon & Schuster)
What to Expect When You're Expecting, 3rd Ed., Murkoff, Eisenberg & Hathaway (Workman)
Entertain-ment/Lifestyle 97 Ways to Make Your Dog Smile, Jenny Langbehn (Workman)
You Are a Dog, Terry Bain (Crown) [coming in 2005]*
Fiction/Science Fiction In Pursuit of Valis, Philip K. Dick (Minotauro)
Altered Carbon, Richard Morgan (Orion) (Winner of the 2003 Philip K. Dick Award) [now being translated]*
Broken Angels, Richard Morgan (Orion) [coming in 2005]*
Decipher, Stel Pavlou (Simon & Schuster) [coming in 2005]*
* signifies a yet-to-be-released title
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